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Continued Onsite Inspection

Confirm product compliance during the complete production process

What is it?

A Continued Onsite Inspection monitors the production progress and quality onsite. Depending on the resources needed, a 24/7 service can be implemented. The Continued Onsite Inspection is offered in combination with the Final Random Inspection (FRI) and other on-line production checks such as Pre-Production Check (PPC). As part of these multi-stage inspections, the execution of the purchase order is closely monitored and the intermediary reports will also keep you informed about the production progress relative to the delivery terms.


Monitoring the production process requires on-the-spot presence to reduce the risk of substandard quality, and to ensure that other aspects of contractual obligations are met. The earlier possible execution shortcomings are detected the better, in order to initiate timely corrective actions.


  • Reduction of Final Random Inspection failure risk
  • Identification of possible delays
  • Possibility to take corrective actions before production is finished
  • No need for the client to be on-the-spot
  • Tailor-made to your requirements

Relevant markets

Any company needing to inspect its purchasing process, or neutrally check the quality of its local productions can use YEOA HK Ltd. “During Production Check”



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