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Quality control ensures your products are safe and comply to international standards. Protect your self against defective or hazardous products resulting in customer claims or product recalls.

Open your Eyes on Asia

Child labour is happening all over Asia. Are you prepared to do something about it?

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Client Testimonials

“Before we started working with YOUR EYES ON ASIATM, shipments with defective goods from China where frequent. We where unable to rely on the suppliers promises, and we where afraid that, if this would continue, our company would eventually loose customers. Michael O. did a...

Martin S., Sidney, Australia

“ Too often substandard goods from Asia arrived at our European warehouse even though we had all the QC documentation in place and the quality level agreed with our suppliers. We found the suppliers internal QC took shortcuts and / or where not implementing our requirements.
By using YOUR...

Morton W., Copenhagen

“The sourcing of new products and the corresponding sales is our core business, whereas factory audits and the quality control of our products on site are not. Already for years we passed all our audits and QC inspections to Michael Obolensky and his company. As an independent company YOUR EYES...

Jan Christiaan Booij, (JCB Agencies), Mollis, Switzerland

“June Tailor is a US manufacturer and distributor of crafts, sewing and quilting notions, and window treatments. Our customers are major retail store chains in the United States. We have sourced a variety of components and completed products in China including wood products, sewn goods, plastic...

David Weaver, Richfield, USA

"Inred Sverige AB, serving Scandinavian retailers with furniture and door hardware and are known in the market for their competitive pricing and high quality requirements.Competition in this market is fierce and...

A.G. of Inred Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden

You are truely "Our Eyes on Asia"! Since you have been performing inspections in various countries for us. In the past 2 years since we switched to YEOA HK Ltd. because of a number of negative experiances with some of the very large inspection companies.

We need someone we can trust and...

Oliver B, Hamburg, Germany

We had to secure the Quality of power coated aluminium parts produced at a supplier in China. These parts where requested for products assembled in a factory from our group headquarters in Switzerland. High quality demand and not enough manpower in our own organization to control each batch...

M.G., Eugster Frismag, China / Switzerland

"I would like to thank you and your whole team very much for the perfect service during the last inspection!

Everything was to our highest satisfaction and we are looking forward to do the next inspection for...

Alexander Hirzi, Ried, Austria
Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 09:26