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Client Testimonials

“Before we started working with YOUR EYES ON ASIATM, shipments with defective goods from China where frequent. We where unable to rely on the suppliers promises, and we where afraid that, if this would continue, our company would eventually loose customers. Michael O. did a comprehensive review of our needs, and recommending a checklist to evaluate our suppliers. Within a week "YOUR EYES ON ASIATM" did their first inspection. Now, we have everything inspected prior to shipment, thanks to Michael and his crew. I can concentrate on our core business, and we feel more secure about our business activities in Asia.”

Martin S., Sidney, Australia

“ Too often substandard goods from Asia arrived at our European warehouse even though we had all the QC documentation in place and the quality level agreed with our suppliers. We found the suppliers internal QC took shortcuts and / or where not implementing our requirements.
By using YOUR EYES ON ASIA we are proactive and reduced the number of customer claims. Further, to work with Michael and his team makes a clear statement towards the supplier emphasizing we don’t accept shortcuts for our merchandise.”

Morton W., Copenhagen

“The sourcing of new products and the corresponding sales is our core business, whereas factory audits and the quality control of our products on site are not. Already for years we passed all our audits and QC inspections to Michael Obolensky and his company. As an independent company YOUR EYES ON ASIA inspects the products unbiased of any supplier.
Trading companies offering inspection services are prejudiced and commission driven; hence no guarantor for our quality.
Arising problems in respect of quality can be dealt with at the factory premises in Asia and not only after the goods arrived in Europe.
The additional inspection costs are well invested. We can focus on the sales and save considerable resources due to reduced customer claims”

Jan Christiaan Booij, (JCB Agencies), Mollis, Switzerland

“June Tailor is a US manufacturer and distributor of crafts, sewing and quilting notions, and window treatments. Our customers are major retail store chains in the United States. We have sourced a variety of components and completed products in China including wood products, sewn goods, plastic extrusions, and plastic injection molded parts.
We have been successful in locating and vetting our suppliers in China. However, lacking a presence there we are not able to effectively do on-going inspections. We have had the best success in receiving quality parts when we have inspections for each shipment prior to goods leaving China.
Prior to using 3rd party inspection we had experienced suppliers sub-contracting work or changing the factory used for various reasons; which had an effect on the understanding of quality requirements. Occasionally, suppliers have changed methods or materials to reduce costs. In some cases they did not fully appreciate the impact on the quality or suitability of products for our requirements.
June Tailor has had a successful business relationship with Your Eyes on AsiaTM . since 2002. They are our exclusive quality assurance partner in China. Michael Obolensky has demonstrated knowledge of quality assurance best practices and methods, they are very aware of local culture and customs as they relate to business in China, and have a track-record of integrity. Employees are fluent in English which has supported good communication of requirements and results.
I would not hesitate to recommend YEOA HK Ltd. as your quality assurance partner in China.”

David Weaver, Richfield, USA

"Inred Sverige AB, serving Scandinavian retailers with furniture and door hardware and are known in the market for their competitive pricing and high quality requirements.Competition in this market is fierce and especially in tougher economic times, cost cutting is practiced throughout the supply chain, risking lower quality levels from suppliers.In order to ensure our imports maintain the desired quality levels, we engage Your Eyes on Asia™ as a independent 3rd party inspection company, inspecting our shipments on site at the suppliers premises before shipment.With our "no compromise" policy on quality, and regular evaluation of our prices, Inred Sverige AB can live up to their promise of quality and best pricing."

A.G. of Inred Sverige AB, Stockholm, Sweden