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Configurable Pricing that Matches Your Risk and Budget

Choose the services you need to ensure your success

We know that every business is different and has it’s own needs and tolerance for risk.  Our services and pricing are designed to support you whether you are dealing with a long-term partner who only requires Final Inspections, or are manufacturing in Asia for the first time and need to qualify a factory before you get into business with them and then do an array of inspections until you are comfortable with them.


All pricing is based on man-days and includes:

·      Travel expenses

·      Inspection or Assessment

·      Reporting


While all of our services are available a la carte, we have created packages for the most popular services to make it easy and affordable to catch problems as early as possible, saving you time, money, and customer relationships.  


Service Charges USD PER MANDAY
Quick Factory Audit 299.00
Inline Inspection 299.00
Final Inspection 299.00
Container loading supervision 299.00
Full Factory Quality Assessment 589.00
Environment and Ethical Assessment 589.00
Additional Services USD PER POSITION
Additional items added to report less 48h 24.00
Sample picking / Courier dispatch 49.00
Additional Report same day 55.00
Over 5 sample Items per Report 25.00
100% item Inspection  70.00
Daily Findings Summary 25.00
Laboratory Testing Quote
Express charge for late booking / cancellantion caused either by supplier or customer 150.00


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*Prices effective from Feb. 1st 2015