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Quick Pre-Order Assessment


What is it?

The "Quick Pre-Order Assessment" is a service to provide cost effective and initial information about a possible new supplier.


As customers need to switch suppliers more often due to their own demand, the evaluation of a new supplier is crucial.


  • Increased confidence that the supplier is a real company and has production premises appropriate for the desired order
  • Reduction of purchasing risk
  • Reduction of risk to co-operate with a supplier, behaving unethical and / or harmful to the environment
  • Independent opinion on your previous research
  • No need for the client to be on-the-spot

Relevant markets

Any company sourcing goods and wanting to independently evaluate the their potential supplier.

We provide 2 service options, "Quick Pre-Order Assessment" at regular inspection charges, carried out by one of our QC inspectors, or the extensive Audit carried out by an experienced auditor.


To learn more about how we can lower your risk and costs, contact us today.

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